The ULTRA joist treatment process initially involves the careful pre-conditioning of our timbers to an average 12% - 14% moisture content over a period of 7 days to become “SUPER DRY“.

The timbers are then visually graded by trained personnel to ensure uniformity of straightness and appearance prior to formal machine grading and regularising to fine tolerances. The timbers are placed in our treatment vessels where a unique preservative formulation, incorporating a very effective water repellent, is applied using a proven double vacuum, low pressure treatment process.

The distinctive pale blue treated timbers not only have a high performance resistance to decay and insect attack, with a 60 year anticipated service life for internal building applications, but are also protected against water ingress.

This allows the ULTRA joist timbers to retain their strength and straightness both during and after the build process. It is a water based product containing ultimately biodegradable organic biocides and does not contain lindane or metal based biocides. Typical uses for ULTRA joist treated timber include timber frame rim joists, flooring joists and building timbers above damp proof course.

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