Tanalith E pressure treated timber has been high pressure impregnated with TANALITH preservative containing a built-in water repellent. Tanalith water-based preservative treatments extend the service life of your wood and help maintain its natural appearance. This provides extra protection against the effects of weathering for highly visible and decorative timbers.

Tanalith E pressure treated timber has an initial natural pale green colouration due to it being a water based wood preservative containing copper and proven organic biocides. When impregnated into the timber, the preservative components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed.

In accordance with EN 335:2013, Use Class 3 can also be sub-classified as 3.1 and 3.2 respectively. The interpretation of these sub-classes may vary from country to country. Tanelith E pressure treated timbers can be produced for all Use Classes.

Use Classes 3.2 (Uncoated) & 4 are ideal for decking components, cladding, garden and playground timbers.

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