Non-Com Exterior is a Leach Resistant type fire retardant product applied by a carefully controlled high pressure impregnation process followed by kiln drying and heat curing. It has independent classification reports across a wide range of timber species and thicknesses, including some modified timbers. 

Non-Com Exterior treatment is the assured and durable choice for permanent exterior construction timbers, negating the need for a protective decorative coating. Non-Com Exterior treated timbers can be used in line with National House Building Council (NHBC) standards for exterior claddings.

When subjected to fire, the FR ingredients in Non-Com Exterior treated timber react with the combustible gases and tars normally generated by untreated wood, converting them to carbon char, carbon dioxide and water. The insulating layer of char formed retards the process of combustion. Non-Com Exterior dramatically reduces flame spread and heat release to allow more time to escape a fire and limit fire damage. The low smoke generation substantially extends the period before ‘flashover’, and has proven fire performance in action, saving building and reconstruction costs.

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