The IWS-FR treatment is a water-based blend of synergistic Fire Retardant ingredients which was developed with only timber building fabric in mind. Features of IWS-FR include:

  • Designed for the treatment of timber frame construction timbers and formulated for specific fire scenarios for this end use.
  • A highly concentrated liquid, requiring a single double-vacuum treatment only to give the desired FR properties.
  • Does not contain halides (chlorides or bromides), metals, phosphates or volatile organic compounds.
  • Neutral pH and non-corrosive to treatment plant components.
  • Available in a water repellent form.
  • Does not need to be kiln dried after treatment.
  • Non-corrosive to metal fixing and fastenings.
  • Excellent smoke and smoke toxicity characteristics.
  • Provides impregnation on all faces.
  • Lasts for lifetime of building.

Glenalmond Timber have tested timber treated with the IWS treatments and proven that the protection is consistently presented across all surfaces of the timber, even if the colour appears ‘patchy’. This can occur because colours bind to the timber very quickly and strongly, and can be filtered out of packs particularly if tightly packed. The naked formulation is clear and a tracer dye is added only for site recognition.

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