Dricon is a Humidity Resistant type Fire Retardant product applied by a carefully controlled high pressure impregnation process followed by kiln drying. It has independent classification reports across a wide range of timber species and thicknesses.

Dricon treatment is the assured and durable choice for permanent interior timbers and panel product applications. Dricon is the only British Board of Agreement (BBA) approved Fire Retardant treatment for timber.

Dricon dramatically reduces the rate of flame spread and heat release to allow more time to escape a fire and limit fire damage. It significantly reduces smoke emission and can achieve the lowest smoke classification (s1) in Euroclass testing - the stringent requirements for railway rolling stock and the London Underground. Dricon substantially extends the period before ‘flashover’, and has proven fire performance in action; saving buildings and reconstruction costs.

Fully tested in accordance with the most up to date European Standards (Euroclasses) under the Construction Products Regulation and classified in accordance with EN 13501-1. Euroclass C/B fire performance can be achieved for a wide range of timber and plywood species.

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