We have just installed the latest Weinig Powermat 2400 CNC Moulding machine, the first in the UK!

This revolutionary piece of high tech equipment not only produces standard industry profile detailing, but also offers a new generation of infinitely variable timber profiles. With the latest generation of computer programmes we can produce unique and innovative aesthetics such as driftwood, burnt timber, panel beaten and worn grain effects.

Glenalmond Timber can offer any bespoke or standard detailing up to 200mm x 300mm on site and 450mm x 450mm to order.

We can also structurally finger joint planed timbers up to 75mm x 270mm sections, precision trimmed +/- 1.5mm up to 12m long. This facility is regularly specified for log cabin profiles and cladding as it improves aesthetics, reduces bow and twist, and negates costs associated with waste.

From Skirting’s to architraves to timber cladding profiling, we can accurately mould anything from our selected timber range to effectively and accurately match your needs

Mentioned below is only a sample of what Glenalmond can produce so if you are looking for a particular timber mould, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Timber Cladding (Hardwood and Softwood)

  • Shiplap
  • Feather Edge
  • Matching TGV
  • Log Profiles

Skirting Boards (Hardwood and Softwood)

  • Chamfered & Rounded
  • Pencil Rounded
  • Ovolo
  • Torus
  • Ogee
  • Two and Three piece Skirting, Cornice and Architrave (listed building)

Architraves (Hardwood and Softwood)

  • Chamfered & Rounded architrave
  • Pencil Rounded architrave
  • Ovolo architrave
  • Torus architrave
  • Ogee architrave

T & G Flooring

  • T & G Flooring – available in all widths, in both Hardwoods and Softwoods

Bespoke Moulding

Bespoke Mouldings made to match. If you require a specific mould, please send us in a sample, photo or drawing. This will enable us to configure a quote, with exact measurements and the lengths required.

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