Architectural feature trusses, or bolted trusses, can form exceptional centrepieces on new or existing buildings.

Glenalmond Timber can create exclusive, bespoke feature truss designs, based on your own specific requirements

Architectural feature trusses or bolted trusses can form an exceptional and visually appealing impression on new or existing buildings, with a design to suit their architectural character.

They are commonly used to accentuate roof voids, allowing extra height and brightening the inside of the building, letting more light in and thus enhancing the overall “green” feeling.

As a leading supplier of engineered timber with full chain of custody, designing and manufacturing bespoke feature trusses matching your requirements is second nature to us. By working with you and/or your architect we will create a unique feature truss that will greatly enhance the individuality of your building by creating a personalised centrepiece for your home.

If you’re thinking about starting a project, have planning consent or even just a rough sketch we can create a unique feature truss for any building type.

To view more examples please visit our other website dedicated to feature trusses, click the button to navigate to the site

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Thank you - The help you gave us was truly amazing - you said yes to what seemed an impossible request in a heartbeat and what a difference it made - The house looked beautiful and we're all so proud of what everyone achieved - the family were utterly overwhelmed by the sheer force of goodwill that everyone showed them

Gordon Whistance

In House Designer | BBC DIY SOS

It was an easy choice to move to using Glenalmond Timber’s floor joist system. It gives an improved specification for many aspects of the build, including acoustics, ease of installation, lack of bounce in the floor as well of course as cost effectiveness. A great all-round product, it’s a lot more than just a joist and the level of service from Fraser has been a joy. Whenever you deal with people such as that, the business process becomes a pleasure

Steven Streets

Technical Manager | Muir Group

The larch cladding we got from you is outstanding. We absolutely love the smooth riven effect. Thanks again for supplying the cladding

Adam Turner

Happy Customer

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