Glenalmond Timber Company Ltd (GTC) supplies timber from the United Kingdom and Europe. Based in Perth, Scotland, Glenalmond is a family-owned Company with over 90 years’ of experience working within the timber industry. We produce and distribute more than 50,000m3 of timber annually and we have full chain of custody.

In addition to supplying a complete range of regular carcassing stock, Glenalmond Timber Company adds significant value to our customers’ product range through continual innovation, focusing on new methods of treating and strengthening timber.

A great example of Glenalmond Timber Company’s rolling R&D programme is ULTRA joist, a one-stop specification for the ultimate building timber. A high performance, solid timber construction joist, which is quality assured to provide customers with consistency and complete confidence. A host of product features and benefits ensure that ULTRA joist timbers provide a revolutionary, cost-effective and advanced construction material.

Glenalmond Timber Company is an approved MoD supplier servicing Rosyth, Faslane and BAE Systems with fire retardant material for refits, and the supply and manufacture of docking timbers. We are also one of the largest fire retardant (FR) distributors of FR cladding in the UK. We are fully focused on the continual improvement of all our products, services and support.

Glenalmond’s Operations Facility has an operating capacity of 12,000m3 with in-house stevedoring and a large scale treatment facility:

- Vacsol Aqua 22m3 per hour, maximum timber length 22m

- ULTRA joist 12m3 per hour, maximum timber length 12m

- IWS-FR flame retardant 22m3 per hour, maximum timber length 22m

National distribution operating direct from the quay with a vessel capacity up to 95m long, 2500-3800m3 per vessel and a discharge time 8-12 hours.

Following arrival at the quay, Glenalmond move the timber to their nearby processing facility, where it can be machined, cut, planed and finger jointed. The Methven facility has in-house planning with the latest bespoke CNC Weinig line producing a myriad of profiles from 10mm x 95mm up to 125mm x 220mm. This is partnered with the latest top of the line Weinig large beam planer which can produce large sections up to 200mm x 302mm. Both machines can produce up to 12m lengths.  

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